The Saint Louis Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) has a variety of committees that need dedicated volunteers like you to help make downtown an even better neighborhood than it already is. Please feel free to contact us if you want to volunteer for one of the following committees.


The Arts Committee is currently chaired by Lan Sasa, and its focus is to improve the art culture and highlight the artists who live and work downtown. This includes making people aware of the art centered events that occur downtown, working with the Events Committee to create an art fair or some other event to spotlighting local artists, and anything else art related.

Business Outreach

The Business Outreach Committee is currently chaired by Jonathan Andrus, and its focus is to improve the relationship between business owners/managers and the residents and employees of downtown. This includes assisting with promotion of upcoming events from the business community and speaking with businesses about any concerns residents may have and vice versa.


The Communications Committee is currently chaired by Jared Opsal and Ed Reggi, and its focus is to communicate with the membership and the media about DNA activities and events affecting downtown. This includes maintaining the website, sending emails to members, posting flyers, and posting updates to DNA’s social media sites.


The Events Committee is currently chaired by Sarah Tadlock and Patrick Drake, and its focus is to organize the DNA happy hours and other social events. This includes contacting local bars/restaurants to arrange a space for DNA members to meet and socialize along with negotiating a discount for our members. In the future, this committee will also assist with fundraisers.

Resident Outreach

The Membership Committee is currently chaired by Amanda Goldsmith and Shannon Morse, and its focus is to reach out to downtown residents and employees to increase DNA membership. This includes meeting with people face-to-face, placing or handing out flyers, and developing building captains to build membership.

Neighborhood Safety

The Neighborhood Safety Committee is currently chaired by Howard Wynder and Joan Hoff, and its focus is to work with residents and employees on strategies to improve neighborhood safety. This includes implementing and sustaining the Neighborhood Ownership Model downtown, which entails meeting with our dedicated beat officer from SLMPD, working alongside the Circuit Attorney’s Office to conduct court advocacy, hosting Neighborhood Watch Meetings, and any other activities associated with safety.

Parks & Green Spaces

The Parks & Green Spaces Committee is currently chaired by Daniel Flynn, and its focus is to improve the state of the parks in our neighborhood. This includes working towards creating a new dog and sculpture park downtown, pinpointing underutilized green spaces and creating a plan to make better use of them, and conducting volunteer cleanup days of our parks and green spaces.

Planning & Zoning

The Planning & Zoning Committee works to improve the built environment in Downtown St. Louis. In furtherance of its goals, the Committee works closely with both residents and City agencies on matters ranging from street repair to urban planning.